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MBDA's Mistral 3 missile scores a double success

On 6 November, MBDA demonstrated the increased capabilities of the Mistral 3 missile by successfully intercepting a moving target at a range of over seven kilometres. The demonstration firing was carried out on a small MIRACH 40 target, from a complete installation including a Saab Giraffe 1-X radar system, a LICORNE command and control unit, and an ATLAS-RC launcher. The Mistral 3 missile, currently in service with the French forces, is an air defence missile equipped with an infrared imaging seeker and advanced image processing capabilities. This allows it to engage low thermal signature targets such as: UAVs, turbojet-powered missiles and fast craft at long range, while offering excellent resistance to countermeasures. Representatives of 15 foreign delegations present for the firing also took part in workshops designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MISTRAL system in ...
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